Gorgeous Wrapped Gems 

Colors that Rock.... Pendants created from God's creation of natural gems.
We deal with approx. 20 different gems. We carefully select our gems for jewelry. We buy our Gems from many vendors.

We insure the shipment and offer a 14 day return policy.

Generally speaking we sell one of a kind Jewelry pieces. Only 2 or 3 pieces are made.

All Gold Jewelry is Gold Filled (12K & 14K). All Sterling Silver is .925. Our Gold and Silver Jewelry prices may vary due to market value of gold and silver.

For misc items like bails for Pendants, we strive to use only brass plated materials. (Gold Plated Brass, & Silver Plated Brass).

We state in the descriptions what materials are used. Our photos represent the best image possible to reflect size, color and shape of stones.

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