Jewelry Repair Service

I've been doing Jewelry repair work for five years around Mobile.

All repairs are done in my shop, we are the repair people.

There is no walk-in retail shop, I will pickup (within 25 miles) and deliver the repaired items to you. My repair shop is at my Home. By using my home repair shop, I don't have high overhead and can charge much less.  I offer the least expensive service in Mobile.

I am Licensed and INSURED for Jewelry Repair. *Certificate Available

Charges as of 8/1/2019

Jewelry Pieces

Sonic Cleaning    $   2.50 per piece

Sauna Cleaning       18.00 Steam/Ionic

                                     *Jewelry Looks New

Item Repair               5.00 per piece,

                                     plus material cost,

                                     plus any additional labor

                                     (15 min labor included)

Polishing                  *Based on size of item,

                                     will give estimate  



Polishing               $ 10.00 per band

Ring Stretch            10.00 per band,

                                    up to (1/2 size)

Ring Cut Down        10.00 per band

                                    plus 1/2 polishing charge

Ring Size Enlarge    15.00 per band

                                    plus material cost and

                                    1/2 polishing charge

Prong/Tip Repair    20.00 per prong/tip

                                   plus material cost

*Note: Rhodium Touch Up $ 15.00 per band

             (required for plated band cut)

Custom  -  Jewelry/Rings.....

Other Repairs

Stone Setting - 

$12.00 per stone, plus stone cost and

 any additional labor (15 min labor included)

Watch Repair- 

$5.00 replace battery, plus - battery cost

$5.00 to replace band, or add/remove links in

  band (15 min labor included)

  (customer supplies band and/or  links),

  plus any additional labor required.

Eye Glass Frame Repair -Metal Frames Only

$15.00 (15 min labor included), plus any

  additional labor required.      

Modern High Tech equipment, TIG Welding & Soldering.

Labor Charge  per 15min $4.50

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