We consider our Jewelry to be Semi-Fine Jewelry.

Thank you for considering our Jewelry.

We consider our Jewelry to be Semi-Fine Jewelry.

We purchase our Gems and Minerals we sell from all over the World.

They are the Real Thing.

We classify our Jewelry as One-Of-A-Kind pieces. (Constructed Rings and Pendants) All stones are wrapped in either .925 Sterling Silver or 12K/20  or 14K/20 Gold Filled.

We construct all of our Rings from raw materials, with the exception of our Fashion Rings which we assemble. With our constructed rings we ask for 5 additional days for build/sizing time.

With our Sets you can purchase either the Ring, the Pendant or the Full Set.

Our Jewelry descriptions specify the exact material the piece is made from. The bails, and drop items are Gold or Silver plated brass.

Save money and buy Gold Filled items, they are less expensive, look just as Great, and are much more durable. 14K/20 means the the gold is 20% 14k,  not gold plated, 10K Gold is only 41.7% gold.

ThankYou, James T. 

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